Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tools of the Trade Revisited

Last night I had the pleasure of participating in another home craft show at my friend Leigh Ellen's house. Just like last time, it was a treat to meet some other artists and to see customers interact with my wares. And I made a good amount of sales!

I had lots of fun chatting with the artist set up next to me - Alizah, who makes lovely hammered jewelry. One thing we discussed was the cost prohibitive-ness of starting a new craft. That made me think of my latest spinning obsession and that I'm pleased as punch to have spent very little on my spinning gear (which leaves more pennies to spend on lovely batts and rovings).

So here is another Tools of the Trade posting, but this time about spinning:

1. File Holder Lazy Kate (free)
This broken file folder holder was destined for Goodwill until I realized I can suspend my drop spindle between the sides to wind yarn into a ball.

2. PVC Niddy Noddy (free)
Using these directions, I made my niddy noddy from PVC pipe I scrounged from the basement. The pipe is from a display rack Chris made for me a long time ago (I spray painted the rack gold for festivity's sake).

3. Drop Spindle (free)
Another perfect gift from my uber-crafty mom.

4. Pestle Nostepinde ($1.50)
My nostepinde (ball winder) is a pestle I got from the fabulous Daiso shop. At least I think it's a pestle because the packaging was in japanese. (As a side note, I love to shop at Daiso and look at the great packaging graphics of angry sponges yelling at dirt and happy containers welcoming left-overs.)

Do you have any "Craft Gear on the Cheap" tips to share?


gillian said...

Great scores on your spinning gear! It is a pain to start a new craft because of costs, I certainly agree!

I usually suggest to customers in the shop wanting to start up something we either don't have or is costly for a beginner, to check the hospital thrift shop because for some uncanny reason, in every one I have ever been to, they have oodles or craft supplies. It like going to grandma's looking for hand-me-downs! This only really works for "traditional" crafts... I have yet to find all those silver smithing tools I want there.


Jenn Maruska said...

I think this is about as "on the cheap" as you can get: I keep my embroidery floss in egg cartons. : )

I try to use good, less expensive supply storage - so that I can invest in the best quality supplies ; )

Steph said...

This is a fun post. I would love to see a picture of all these things in action!

maia (glassbeach) said...

Gyl-Oooh, I love thrift store crafting purchases! I've gotten some terrific snaps from the 60s at thrift stores.

Jenn-I can just picture lovely littles nests of embroidery thread in an egg carton (perhaps we could persuade Josh to take a photo :))

Steph-The niddy noddy is the most fun to use. The youngest kidling likes to pretend it's a lawnmower!

Amanda said...

Well aren't you a clever-kins.

My fave way to get supplies on the cheap is to buy used sweaters from the thrift store. I use felted ones for bags and hats and use nice cable knits for making throw pillows and quilts. I'm sure there are a million uses I haven't even thought of yet.

Steph said...

Just the WORD niddy noddy makes me happy.

Liz Smith said...

Fun post! I have old dental trays I use for sorting beads I am working with. I love finding knitting needles at thrift shops. And I use old sweaters too, for same as Plumm.