Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Channelling Nicholas Cage

That's what I've been doing lately - channelling a very specific moment in Nic Cage's oeuvre. And while it would be hilarious to be him in Valley Girl or Raising Arizona, the specific moment I'm thinking of is this:

It's Ronny in Moonstruck, yelling, "I LOST MY HAND!!"

[Here is the clip if you want to see Nic in action. I wish I were a better blogger and knew how to embed videos]

A few weeks ago I had a small accident in my kitchen and spilled very hot oil across my right hand. I ended up with 3rd degree burns, a heavily bandaged hand, and a big scorch mark on my kitchen floor. Along with the myriad other things I've been unable to do, I haven't been able to sew, spin or knit for almost a month. It's been so sad.

But things are looking up! I'm scheduled for a skin graft tomorrow which should help my hand's mobility and I'm hoping to get back to my crafting in the near future.

My friends and family have been terrifically supportive and helpful through all of this. The kidlings have done a great job picking up the slack. They also made me puppets to put over my bandaged paw:

They made puppets for my different moods - this one is "Silly." Although "Tired and Grumpy" seems to have been permanently attached to my face lately, I'm putting in a request for a "Relieved and Expectant" puppet now that recovery is in sight.

I think I have to go rent "Moonstruck" to watch while I'm healing...