Monday, September 15, 2008

The Winner!

Yay, I have a winner for my "Pouches-A-Plenty" Giveaway! Thank you to all who entered. I have to admit to a bout of hostess stress when I announced it - "What if nobody enters?" I loved everybody's "P" words, too. They made me hungry and delighted all at once.

So with the help of my randomizer (aka the youngest kidling):

My winner is Sue! I'll be contacting you so I can send off your prize!

And here's a pouch update:

It's my "Retro Kitchen" set. Aren't they cute and kitschy? I'll have some more updates later in the week.

Thanks again to everyone who entered my little contest!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Project Pouches-A-Plenty

Hurray! My sewing experiment has been so much fun and as a result I have a nice passel of pouches for my shop!

I decided to focus on pouches because they are small and quick to sew - qualities of high appeal to someone having a bout of creative attention deficit disorder. My goal is to list something new everyday for the rest of September. We'll see if I can maintain my creative burst of energy.

To celebrate my plethora of pouches, I'm having a Project Pouches-A-Plenty give-away!

The rules:
1. Leave a comment for this post by Saturday, September 13
2. Indulge my word geekiness by including your 3 favorite words that start with the letter "P"

I'll pick the winner at random on Sunday, September 14.

The prize:

It's the first in my Circle Pouch collection. It's the perfect size for those little things that rattle around your purse.

I'm also excited about the first Project Pouch that I'm putting in my shop today:

It's a simplified version of my Flare Clutch but it can still qualify as a gussied up pouch, can't it?

So go ahead and leave a comment to enter the give-away and I'll leave you with my favorite movie quote populated with a prodigious amount of "P"s:

"Waiter, there is too much pepper in my paprikash. But I would pleased to partake of your pecan pie."
-Harry Albright in "When Harry Met Sally"