Friday, March 06, 2009

"The Envelope, Please"

I love award shows with all of the pomp and statuettes and really big envelopes (and accountants in tuxes guarding those big envelopes). And yet, I missed the Oscars this year. Again. Since I've had kids, though, I've managed to miss most of the nominated movies every year and am not emotionally invested in the outcome. [Note: I am always emotionally invested in Oscar Fashions and find Go Fug Yourself to be invaluable for my Red Carpet fix.]

But, really, all this envelope talk is just my goofball way of introducing my Envelope Wallets:

I'd gotten a few requests for a wallet larger than my 3 Pocket Flip Wallets but smaller than my Passport Wallets. "Easy Peasy!" I thought. Well, countless prototypes later, I finally came up with a design I like.

It's really just a mash-up of my other wallets but I had the hardest time wrapping my head around the design. I also had fits about which interfacing to use. My final design ended up using 3 different weights. The one pictured above uses a sheet I got at the thrift store. Yay, upcycling! I think I'm going to try using more upcycled fabrics.

These three are now listed in my shop and I hope to make some more in the near future.

I've also gotten some questions about the pattern for this wallet. I've been thinking of self publishing some of my any of you know how to go about this?

ps Sometimes I practice an Oscar acceptance speech in my head...