Friday, September 07, 2007

"That's a lot of cards, Mommy!"

So said my oldest kidling upon seeing my recently arrived box of one thousand business cards.

I have to say I agree with her. After ordering a hundred cards here and there, I did some cost analysis (ooooh, look at the business-y type words!) and realized I should just buy 1,000 at a time.

Of all the things I've done related to my Etsy shop, this one has given me the greatest pause. Looking at that dauntingly loooooooong box of cards makes me realize I'd better work hard so those little slips of cardboard have lots of places to go, either through marketing or sales (there I go again with the business talk!). Wish me luck!


Leigh-Ann said...

YOU CAN DO IT MAIA!!!!!!! I believe in YOU!!!! :)

maia (glassbeach) said...

Thanks, Leigh-Ann. You're the BEST!


Maia, they will be gone before you know it!!! But making that larger purchase is difficult! LOL

Steph said...

If you buy it they will come.
Or at least, that was my rationale when I bought 250 earring boxes last year. And now they are almost gone.
Your cards will disappear before your very eyes. I am sure of it!

Yazmin said...

You'll go through them quicker than you think. :) (Although, I'm almost at my year mark and I'm still working through my 1000. hehe)

Liz Smith said...

I've seen the box of a thousand, it's heavy! But you did the right thing and they will be gone before you know it!