Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I need a Strapline

One of my favorite blogs is Lisa Lam's U-handblog. The blog is related to her on-line shop, which sells lots of great bag making accessories. U-handblog is chock full of useful stuff: sewing tutorials, tips on running your own business and inspirational photos of handmade bags [Editorial comment: my Retro Blue Dots on Brown Handbag Set is one of this month's U-Handbag's flickr Faves. Again: feeling a little like a rock star!]

Anyways, Lisa just started a new blog, CraftBoom, about running a craft business. Her latest post is "Ways to Market Yourself & Your Craft (on the cheap)" and has the following suggestion:

Get yourself a strapline (as defined by Wiki). A strap line is a useful bunch of words that serve to reinforce /inform (in a quick & simple way) just what your craft business is/provides. I’ve had my strapline “Love Bags, Make Bags” from the beginning and I hope that from reading it, it is obvious to the reader that my craft business is involved in handbags, and handbag making. When my strapline appears alongside my logo is serves to inform people of what my business is (in case you can’t tell from looking at the logo in isolation.
I need a catchy strapline. Do you all have any suggestions? Do you have a strapline?


Amanda said...


I love the U-handblog. Just discovered Craftboom and love it too.

My strapline is "Handmades with style." I also always sign my acknowledgment of purchase notes with: "Thanks for buying handmade...It makes a difference"

Can't wait to see what others do. Great post!

Leigh-Ann said...

mines "Hatching Inspiration; Moments in Flight"

i'll get back to you on yours...a good strapline is worth every imaginary penny ;)

Yazmin said...

Oh my gosh! I have one based on what freckled nest said...

"Sewn Creations Worth Every Penny..."

I think that's a good one! Maybe it will set you off to the right one. :)


Admittedly, mine's not so great..."Handcrafted Limited Edition Jewelry". I mean, really, how original is that...not at all! Clearly I have to work on mine too. I'm always open to suggestions. ;)

Steph said...

Oh no! I need a strapline too!

Vintage-at-Heart Designs said...

I think this qualifies for my strapline...
Vintage Inspired Designs Made for Today.