Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A New Feature On Its Way!

I’m so excited to introduce a new blog feature: “Meet the Maker”! I will periodically post interviews with other bag makers that I admire. My first interview is with Amanda of Plumm and it will be posted…well, in about five minutes.

Here’s a little background:

I fully admit to having a competitive streak (see Geller, Monica v. Pictionary). While I want everyone to one day carry one of my things, I realize that nobody has just one purse so there is room for all of us bag-makers to rule the world. Etsy’s “Bags and Purses” category has been a constant source of artistic inspiration for me and there are some bag-makers that give me a frisson of excitement whenever they list something new. I love learning about artists’ creative processes and these interviews give me a chance to have a small peek into the brains of other bag designers. I hope you enjoy the interviews as much as I do!

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