Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bon Voyage!

Today I'm shipping off the first round of Passport Wallets I've been listing in my shop. These were adapted from the pattern I designed for Adorn Magazine. They've been a kick to sew and, because I tend to be anthropomorphic about my stuff, I dreamed up little scenarios of the places these wallets would visit.

These guys have also been make some guest appearances. One turned up in an Etsy travel-themed treasury:

And another was featured on yesterday's Indie Diner!

Bon Voyage, my little passport-carrying friends. Travel safe and be well!

ps I just have to add one more treasury by Analiese because it is such a gorgeous list!


s.i. michaels said...

I really love the one with the owls. So cute!

maia (glassbeach) said...

Thanks Ambika!

Yazmin said...

Me too...seriously in love with the owls.

*wishes she was getting ready for an overseas trip that required her passport so she could show of her fancy owl wallet - that she would buy, of course, if she was going on a trip overseas...I already said that, didn't I?*

Clearly, justification is the means to purchasing around here. :)