Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Crocuses and Cuteness

On those abysmally rare occasions when I'm weeding my yard, I love the thrill of finding a little crocus peeking out of a forgotten corner. Well, I found some little crafting crocuses in the corner of my notions box and I had some very cute, albeit slightly wonky, results!

But first, I have to show you cutest pin cushion ever:

It arrived unannounced in my mailbox a while back. The lovely Liz, of madeinlowell, makes these pin cushions as well as a multitude of other amazing wares. Thank you so much, Liz!!

Back to my metaphorical crocuses. First I found some metal purse frames that I bought months and month ago and promptly forgot about. I made this little clutch for my pal, Alizah:

I used Lisa Lam's most excellent tutorial to make the pattern and attach the frame.

Lisa's tutorial is terrific, but I discovered that I'm seriously adhesive impaired. I felt like I was in a Marx Brothers movie with glue and paper and bits of thread sticking to me, all the while yelling at the glue to behave. But I eventually got it together and I think Alizah likes it!

I also found some bobby pin blanks and cover-your-own-buttons and made these bobby pins with scraps from my gargantuan scrap box:

I sold most of them a Alizah's trunk show. They were such a hit that I think I'll make more.

I've also been flirting with Twitter, lately. I have yet to tweet but I love reading other people's posts. Do you have any Follow suggestions or Twitter tips or hints? I'm still flummoxed by hashes and @s and the like. I added a Twitter button over there on the side bar which I hope works...

Happy Spring!


Liz Smith said...

First, that frame purse and those bobbies are ADORABLE! You are never afraid to try something new and that is so inspiring. Second, so glad you like the little pincushion! Third, please tweet! I just like to know what my friends are up to.

@replies are to get someone specific's attention. You can see all the @replies aimed at you (including from people you are not following) on the right hand side of Twitter were it says @glassbeach. I'm not sure why hash tags (#) are used, something about sorting in some program I'll guess.

I tweet every time I blog and get lots of nice views, it's good stuff. Plus, the time Etsy Re-Tweeted a post I wrote? I got 500 views on my blog!!

Suze said...

Those bobbies are so cute! How do you attach those? with glue? Aloha!