Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm a Find!

I woke up the other day to a convo from the lovely Steph, letting me know that my Passport Wallet is an Etsy Find!

For the uninitiated, Etsy disperses news/how-to's/style commentary from its Storque site and often selects sellers to feature. I'm thrilled to get mentioned!

Now I need to focus on my weekend plans:
-Mow the lawn
It'll be the first time this year, so I'm expecting it to be like the jungle in "Romancing the Stone" sans a young Michael Douglas with a machete. Bummer.

-Photograph shoulder bags, flip wallets, pouches
Yay, the weather folk are finally predicting sun!

-Take the kidlings to see "Busytown" at the Children's Theatre
For the third time (but I love it just as much as they do).

-Sort my scraps

-Sew a bunch of stuff

-Rent "Romancing the Stone"
Hey, do you remember an old movie called "Napoleon and Samantha" with an itty-bitty Jodie Foster and my childhood heart-throb, Johnny Whittaker, and an old circus lion? I got it from the library the other day to show the kidlings and Michael Douglas played a poli-sci student (or "hippie") who saved the day. The movie was much more surreal than I remember.

What are you doing this weekend?

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Tina in Boston said...

Hi and congrats on the etsy find! I have been reading your blog for awhile. I think this is my first time writing, though. I couldn't resist the "What are you doing?" question. I gave a Boston by Foot tour of Beacon Hill ( today and went into work :( but the piles were getting out of control. It's a beautiful day in Boston! I'm on my way to Quincy Market to enjoy my new favorite restaurant, Wawamama! I don't think any sewing is in the works, but I do need to organize my sewing space, so maybe I'll do that -- along with the laundry. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! Hmmm. I should put all this on my blog!