Friday, January 04, 2008


Just a quick note to mention some nifty things I gleaned from the Etsy forums today:

1. Heart-o-Matic

This is a quick way to see how many Etsy Hearts you've garnered! You can find out stats for your shop or individual items. It's a much quicker way to indulge my ego than waiting and waiting for my spiral of hearts to stop spinning.

2. PayPal Store Front

You can use this widget to set up a little store-front on your blog! I just messed around with it and it is the niftiest. I'll be adding a little store-front down in the lower right hand corner later in the month when I have it all updated. Here's the Etsy forum thread discussing it. Thanks to Meringue and MagicJelly for letting us in on the coolness.

Also, I just discovered Flickr Stats. You need a Pro account to activate them, but it's another cool way to track views and where they're coming from.

Any cool tools you'd like to share?

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Jenn Maruska said...

Thanks for sharing those cool tools!

Sorry, I don't have any to share. I've been blog lurking over the holidays and now that the rush is over I just wanted to say "Hi!" : )

Hope you have a great New Year!