Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm Back with a Stack of Fabric

Whew! We've made it back home from our long summer trek. We drove from Seattle to San Diego and back with lots of stops in between. The kidlings were great sports throughout the trip, sleeping in 7 different beds in 4 different states.

Here are some things I learned on the trip:

1. You aren't allowed to trim your child's hair in line at Disneyland.

2. Today's TV needs more shows like the original Muppet Show with its irony, puppet-y mayhem and non-destructive explosions.

3. Nerds candy + a car seat + twisty highways = a parent's nightmare.

While some people collect commemorative silver spoons or postcards on vacation, I collected fabric. Here's my spoils:

I got to visit Denver Fabrics, Rosie's Calico Cupboard Quilt Shop, Michael Levine and The Stitchin' Post. I loved them all, although Rosie's was the most jaw-dropping, with rooms full of fabrics all coordinated by color. Thanks to my mom and my husband for taking care of the kidlings so I could frolic with amongst the fabric!


Leigh-Ann said...

did you skip and make gleeful sounds at rosies? lol, thats how i am at great paper stores. glad you're home and that you had a great family time/trip :)

maia (glassbeach) said...

It took great restraint, but I behaved with decorum at Rosie's. I did catch myself talking to the fabric a lot, though! It's great to be home!

Leigh-Ann said...

l-O-l !! love it!

Liz Smith said...

Excellent stash!! Welcome home, missed you!

Steph said...

Welcome back!!!
We missed you.
Glad you had a great trip. It sounds wonderful.

~Amanda~ said...

that fabric looks yummy! I can vouch for Leigh-ann, I have been with her in a paper store and heard her squeal from the other side of *confession* I've done it too.... lol. Glad you had a great trip.