Monday, May 14, 2007

The Randomness of Others

I was recently tagged by the adorable megslemonade for another round of "Seven Random Things about Me." Although my life is rife with randomness, I've already played once and how interesting can my eccentricities be? Instead, I'm listing random things I've enjoyed from other people's lists.

1. Adornments and Distractions
"I hate taking my kids to the pool in the summer, but I feel like it is my duty as a mother to take them. If you survived childhood summers without going to the pool, please let me know. It would be quite a load off."

2. All Things Littleput
"I have eaten Alpaca, it was yummy and sad all at the same time."

3. Blissful
"My favorite coins are dimes -- so slim and sublime."

4. Jenn Maruska Design
"I once sent an email to my husband's boss asking that my husband be excused from attending a Sexual Harassment Awareness meeting at his job. I told him that he was already a good sexual harasser and I needed a rest."

5. Love, Gemma
"I have exactly two pairs of matching socks....all bought within the last three months."

Mill Girl
"For being so realistic and cynical, I have no trouble believing my horoscope.

7. Pepperina Press
"I hate the lame Disney-fied Winnie-the-Pooh with a fiery passion. It is very bad for the image of the real Pooh, who is a very earnest character."


Liz Smith said...

Oh, this is super clever way to handle the overtagging. I've been tagged 4 times, the first time was fun, then I just stomped my feet and pouted.

Thanks for including me in this list!!

maia (glassbeach) said...

You are welcome, Liz! Especially since you tagged me first!

So do you read your horoscope everyday? What sign are you? I'm a Sagittarius.

Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

This list actually made me laugh out loud. Really! I love it. What a creative way to deal with re-tagging.

(Be warned, I may copy you!)

maia (glassbeach) said...

Feel free, Helen! I'm looking forward to seeing your list!

maia (glassbeach) said...

ps I utterly agree with you, Helen, about Disney-fied Pooh vs. Original Pooh. My girls and I love to listen to the old Pooh stories-so much irony and cheeky wit!

Sandra Eileen said...

I have been tagged 8 times and enough is enough, I wish had been smart enough to think of this. Instead, I combined the last five and let it die with my 7 not very interesting random facts.

Jenn Maruska said...

I love your list!!! What a great idea!

: )

Thanks for including me. And, yes, I really did do that. Josh's boss has a pretty great sense of humor.



maia (glassbeach) said...

You're welcome Jen! Josh's boss sounds like great fun (as do you!).

Steph said...

I agree - I have been tagged several times in the last week and was not sure what I was going to do. Some version of this for sure. Love it! And thanks for including my comment about the pool.

Liz Smith said...

I'm a Virgo! And yes, I read my horoscope daily. I read my husband's to him (Pisces) tho' it's not something he requests. He is a very patient man :) Sagittarius is a fun sign! (BTW: I don't have kids but I'm on board about Pooh as well)